Sunday, July 31, 2011

Saturday: Bye bye Dougie Fresh and Hello Gaborone Game Park

Went to Fresh Cafe in the AM in honor of Dougie Fresh's last day. We saw him off and then, through the fog of our tears, Kari, Liam and I decided to deal with the lost of the Fresh-ster by going to the Gaborone Game Reserve. Our expectations were low - this "game park" is like 10 minutes from our flat and by Botswana standards, is more like a playground than Disneyworld if you will.

We needed a car to get around so we called our favorite cab driver, Tendai. Despite our low expectations we had the best time- it was awesome! We saw warthogs, ostrich, rock dassies, impala, kudu and so many monkeys. We would spot something in the distance and Tendai would gun the engine and chase it down while yelling "capture it! snatch it!" (he meant take a picture).


Toward the end of the day we came upon a cadre of monkeys who eagerly approached the car. At first I was simply charmed by the little imps but I started getting nervous as they jumped on the hood and got closer to the window. Kari and Liam were making fun of my jumpiness but I waved them off- "I'm not scared!" We drove up a bit to another group of monkeys and I had my head of the window when BAM a monkey popped up out of nowhere right near my head. I screamed and literally flung myself across the car onto Liam's lap. Keep in mind that these are vervet monkeys which are not aggressive and all of 1ft tall. Needless to say my little "episode" was the source of much amusement for my compatriots. Hmmpph. 
Trying to regain composure after I launched myself at Liam. Note the monkey in the background. Cheeky lil' bugger.      

Moderately less frightened. At least enough to throw the 'ol double thumbs up.
 The other highlight of the game park was a small unlabled building/tent/shanty near the entrance. Intrigued, we stopped in and discovered several very dirty fish tanks with a few random fish swimming in the murk. One simply held a large, dead fish. Why was there an "aquarium" randomly in this totally dry game park? These are questions I don't trouble myself with.

The star exhibit at the "aquarium:" a huge dead fish in a tiny tank.

Tendai checks out the rest of the aquatic exhibit.

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