Friday, July 1, 2011

Gathering my thoughts (but not my toothbrush)

I had my GI (gastrointestinal system) exam on Monday and then I left Philadelphia 3 hours afterwards. I was home for a night, went on a whitewater rafting trip with my family and got back yesterday. Needless to say, not nearly enough time was spent packing. If I’m lucky I will end up in Botswana with at least my passport and a pair of socks.

It’s not that I mind, I know that I’ll have everything that I need. I actually prefer being busy. I basically have two modes. There is the super productive “on” mode in which I exercise, do all my schoolwork, throw myself into volunteering, make endless lists and clean my apartment.  But then there is the “off” mode where I remain supine for shocking amounts of time and become intimate with my computer and the nearest bag of trail mix. So yah, better to keep myself in the former mode even if it means forgetting to pack pants.

My flight plan is Boston --> New York --> Johannesburg --> Gaborone. I leave tomorrow at 8am and arrive at 12:15pm (Botswana time) on July 2nd.  

I’ll try to post when I land so that I can let you all know the scintillating details of my journey, nay, my odyssey. I know you’re all dying to find out whether my bag makes it to Botswana and how much I drool on myself during the flight. I will do my best to sate your curiosity as soon as time and Internet access allow. Although, as a sneak preview, I can say that the answer to the latter question will undoubtedly be “a lot.”

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  1. Heeh, good thing that toothbrushes can now be bought at a nearby convenience store! LOL! But forgetting your toothbrush is never a good thing. Anyways, I hope you had a great odyssey at Botswana.