Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Madikwe (aka obligatory pictures of animals)

You thought you'd be able to escape it. You weren't sure. But as time wore on and I blathered on about dermatology and the hospital, you grew hopeful. "Perhaps," you thought. "perchance I might be able to read a blog about a foreigner in Africa without looking at a picture of a godforsaken elephant." 

Well, friends, I am sorry to disappoint. But I am, after all, only human. This past weekend Doug and I scooped Kari up from the airport and headed an hour or so over the border to South Africa. We spent the evening in Madikwe Game reserve. 

I really couldn't help myself even though I know that millions of more qualified photographers have captured the flora and fauna of Botswana in far better fashion than I. It's like a compulsion. I'd be sitting in the safari jeep, see an animal and I'd start getting that itch. "Stop it, Hayley. Don't even think about taking out your cheapy point and shoot and getting a blurry picture of that elephant." But I lack the necessary self control and out would come the camera and I'd end up with 40 pictures of the same pachyderm. Sigh. 

Well... now you'll all have to suffer. Hah! 

Jackal eating a dead elephant

In all seriousness, it was an amazing weekend. And after three straight weeks of begging- I even managed to drag Dougie on safari with us! What a coup! 

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