Thursday, September 8, 2011

Leaving Botswana (aka FOMO central)

Last day: With Dr. Pina and Dr. Motsepe (both dematologists)
I really didn't want to leave Botswana. Like REALLY didn't want to leave. To the point where Kari and I were scheming up ways that I could change my plane ticket (turns out if I didn't fly home on the 10th the next available flight was on the 31st so that was a no go).

Byebye Bots :(
First of all, I had such an incredible summer. Second of all I was having a major case of FOMO, which is "Fear Of Missing Out." How could I leave when my flatmates were planning a camping trip? And we'd just gotten started hearing our results for pathology- how could I leave when I didn't know if firm flesh colored papules were trichilemmomas or angiofibromas?

But alas, resistance was futile and I had to say my goodbyes. My flight was in the evening but I insisted on a full day at clinic/lab. We had a celebration with the path lab people (complete with a cake we brought to say thank you for putting up with us), hugged all the nurses, checked that the VisualDx was running OK and promised everyone I'd come back as soon as possible.

My flight was uneventful and I was home in no time (and by no time I mean a full 26 hours later)  Le sigh. I miss Botswana already.

The airport in Gaborone is so nice! Crazy to think that they have this nice airport but not enough beds in the hospital.

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