Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Now that Doug is gone, Fresh Cafe has been put on hold (and is now probably out of business) and we've decided to explore some of the local (much cheaper) cuisine. We started with the Nurse's association which serves you a heaping plate of food for 16 pula ($2.50). We got there early because we heard that they run out of food so we met up with Panda (Liam) at 11:45. No one was there but they told us to sit down. Long story short, we finally got our food 1 hour later. Kari was basically going into hypoglycemic shock. Ah, Botswana time- how I will miss thee.

Kari's smile is hiding her desperation
The nurse's association has no sign and is on an unmarked dirt path
The next day we tried the "white house," a small restaurant-type place a block from the hospital where we payed a whooping 25 pula ($3.80) for our meals. Again, we were early (and we wonder why America has an obesity problem) and the lady who was serving the food let us sample everything. We settled on chicken, phaletshe (a maize paste just like ncima from Malawi) and begobe (a brownish porridge made from sorghum and maize. And no, I have no idea what sorghum is).

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